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682Re: [dxatlas] Open up CW Skimmer for more than 3kHz.... Selectable VFOs too.

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  • Pete Smith
    Feb 19, 2008
      At 05:33 PM 2/19/2008, Bruce Tanner wrote:
      >QST: Members may be interested that I have found "CW Skimmer" to be
      >compatible with "Ham Radio Deluxe". HRD is a very nice, free, program
      >with which you can control most recent vintage rigs with CIV capability.
      >When configured for your transceiver you can load it first and then load
      >"CW Skimmer" on top of it. It appears (at least with my Icom rigs) that
      >HRD retains control of the rig operation while CW Skimmer will work as
      >normal except for the frequency readout and control within Skimmer which
      >would be the built in Omni-Rig functions.

      I believe this is generally true - so long as you start the logging program
      first, CW Skimmer gracefully cedes control of the radio to it. There may
      be some logging programs out there that also use the Omni-Rig control
      engine, in which case I think they should be able to "co-control", but
      perhaps Alex can elaborate on that.

      73, Pete N4ZR
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