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681Re: [dxatlas] Open up CW Skimmer for more than 3kHz.... Selectable VFOs too.

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  • Bruce Tanner
    Feb 19, 2008
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      QST: Members may be interested that I have found "CW Skimmer" to be
      compatible with "Ham Radio Deluxe". HRD is a very nice, free, program
      with which you can control most recent vintage rigs with CIV capability.
      When configured for you transceiver you can load it first and then load
      "CW Skimmer" on top of it. It appears (at least with my Icom rigs) that
      HRD retains control of the rig operation while CW Skimmer will work as
      normal except for the frequency readout and control within Skimmer which
      would be the built in Omni-Rig functions.

      One benefit is that you can control all of your rig functions with HRD
      while having the benefit of CW Skimmer decoding the CW text. I have
      found that you can switch between VFO's A and B as well as fine tune the
      receiver with HRD to place the desired signal within the CW Skimmer's
      Audio Pass Band for perfect copy as long as the signal strength is
      sufficient. It works very nicely and you do not miss the Frequency
      readout and control on Skimmer since you have a very nice read out on
      HRD for that function as well as controls such as audio and RF controls,
      IF bandwidth etc. I have used this combo with both the IC-706 Mk II G
      and the IC-756 Pro II with fine results.

      Hope this might be helpful to some on the reflector.


      Bruce, K2BET
      HRD download is available here: <http://hrd.ham-radio.ch/>

      > <http://www.eset.com>
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