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668Open up CW Skimmer for more than 3kHz.... Selectable VFOs too.

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  • jeraldvolpe
    Feb 16, 2008
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      Alex, now that I have OmniRig adjusted so that CW Skimmer is talking
      to the Sub receiver/VFO on the Orion would it please be possible to
      increase the current setting OR add an adjustable setting for more
      than 3kHz? The Orion's SUB receiver can be opened up to as much as 9
      kHz.... and as many DXPeditions listen over more than just the basic 3
      kHz range having the option (if the receiver supports it as the Orion
      does)to use a listening range in excess of 3 kHz would greatly add to
      the versatility of CW Skimmer.

      Of course I think it would still be great if the user could select
      WHICH VFO they were reading and writing to.... once again if the
      OmniRig definition for that transceiver had more than one VFO.

      73, Jerry, KG6TT
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