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645Re: New software: CW Skimmer

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  • jeraldvolpe
    Feb 5, 2008
      It didn't take me long to see enough to know you have a great program
      there. I registered earlier today.

      Is it possible to add a 'QSO' mode option... that uses far fewer
      resources while only allowing a smaller window. I'm afraid my 2GHz
      Athalon with 1GB and XP is having a time of it if anything else is
      running. As I use DXLabs in the background.

      Anyway as a Tinnitus sufferer (ringing in the ears) I enjoy any aid to
      help me stay with my favorite mode... your algorithm is great.

      Band Master utilizes rig control and so does CW Skimmer... it doesn't
      seem possible to simultaneously use both with their rig control
      enabled... My Band Master indicates the port isn't available with CW
      Skimmer open...what am I missing?

      Jerry, KG6TT
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