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632Re: [dxatlas] Sorry

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  • Pete Smith
    Jan 19, 2008
      Spencer, it has to be your setup since many others are using Omni-Rig with
      no problems. What radio are you using, and what settings? If ARCS II is
      another rig control program, and it works, then we can probably eliminate
      the radio itself, the cable, and the serial port on your computer as the

      If you want to send me your Omnirig.ini file, I'll see if anything jumps at me.

      73, Pete N4ZR

      At 12:58 PM 1/19/2008, you wrote:
      >I am sorry that I jumped to the conclusion that I was being ignored by
      >the group. I received very prompt replys to my first few posts, that I
      >assumed that all was well.
      > I still cannot find any other posts to me since Alex and someone else
      >sent messages regarding my 'test' message. Not sure where they ended
      >up, but I checked my MSN E-mail address, my junk mail folder, my Yahoo
      >group folder. I don't know where else to look.
      > Question: I still have not gotten my BandMaster program to connect
      >with my Radio. I think that I have the setup correct,(the same as ARCS
      >II uses, which works.),What am I doing wrong? I have:Hamcap,
      >Bandmaster, Hamport, Omnirig, Ionoprobe, Dxatlas, latest SSN
      >settings,,,, What am I missing to get things to run?
      > Please be patient with me! Like I have said before, I am often slow
      >on the uptake. The grey matter has started to calcify, and some of my
      >permiable membranes are hardening.
      > Not sure where to have my messages posted. The ones I post on the
      >group site end up on the group site and my MSN site. Still looking for
      >the missing posts, along with the missing Nixon tapes. Hi Hi
      >73 to All! Spencer W7SUR
      >Yahoo! Groups Links
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