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62DxAtlas spots

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  • aa0oi
    Jul 23, 2004
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      Hi All:
      have dxatlas 2.24 and am told that it will interface with DxView and
      DxSpots and show the spots on dxatlas.. Ture or not?? and if so how
      do you get it to work?? are there other progams that will receive the
      cluster and post the spots on the map?? am using Log-Eqf and would
      like to interface it with dxatlas,possible?? also it nice that MixW
      interfaces with dxatlas (also using QRZ on HD)is it possible to have
      dxatlas (besides placing the pin-showing where to place the pin) to
      put in the annotation, the contacts information (name,call,etc)
      I see that it is possible with cut and paste but can it be done
      automaticaly, upon placing the pin???txn in advance..'
      de aa0oi@...
      PS. It would be nice if some where in the progam you could list the
      pins and define what each one was for..Like red=MFSK ,
      green=psk31,blue=6 meter ssb etc,, or can you do this and I just
      can't figure it out??