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61Re: [dxatlas] Map rect/azi/globe tweak.

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  • Alex, VE3NEA
    Jul 6, 2004
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      Hi Steve,

      DX Atlas restores its last used screen dimensions, projection, home
      location, layers, etc. if started in the stand alone mode. When another
      program starts the Atlas in the automation mode, it is that program's
      responsibility to either call the Atlas.LoadSettings method or to force its
      own settings - e.g., the program can adjust the position of DX Atlas on the
      screen to align with its own window, or it can set the projection that the
      author thinks is most appropriate. If you are using one of such programs,
      your only option is to ask the program's author to remove the code that
      forces the projection.

      Note that neither IonoProbe nor HamCap changes the projection in DX Atlas,
      you have to figure out which of your programs does that.

      73 Alex VE3NEA

      > Is there a way for DX Atlas to "remember" a preferred start up, i.e.
      > rectagular,azimuthal,globe ? I have Hamcap, Ionoprobe, Spotcollector,
      > DxView & MixW all running, but in the end the map renders circular,( I
      > always use rectangular) BUT it does 'remember' size and placement on
      > the screen. Can I help teach it to wind up rectangular ?
      > Just a relatively trivial tweak. With or without, overall, you have a
      > fabulous system. Great work. 73's Steve KE8PA