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605Re: [dxatlas] What have I gotten myself into?

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  • Bruce Tanner
    Jan 13, 2008
      Welcome, Spenser. You are right on time with your career development in
      amateur radio! I recall as a newly licensed General Class Ham back in
      1960 or so that I was also in search of the illusive DX and those were
      pretty good sun spot years as I recall. The advice I received was to
      "listen deep"! I will pass that on to you as well as to continue using
      the new aides such as DX Atlas and Ionoprobe.

      I use the latter all the time as well as Band Master. I often use DX
      Alas to see where and when the 'Gray Line' propagation is occurring. It
      is amazing how much better you will hear the DX sigs during that 30 to
      45 minute period when it is passing over your QTH location.

      I also check in with Band Master just to see where the DX is being
      reported from. Often times that data will let you know if others in your
      general locale are receiving DX signals...and from where, and then you
      listen deep! By that I mean into the noise level. It will take a while
      but as you 'tune your ear', as well as your receiver, you will be
      amazed at what you can dig out of what might appear to be just noise to
      you at this point. Learn how to use your filters etc. well also.

      I have Ionoprobe up on my screen most of the time and occasionally obey
      its prophesies by getting up early in the morning when it tells me the
      signals will be best in my location from diverse areas of the Earth. If
      you don't do that occasionally you will miss some of the juicy stuff
      that just will not find propagation paths to your door at any other
      time... well maybe in a few years as Cycle 24 warms up. If it is good
      you will hear stories about the bands being 'open' all day long to most

      Stay with it and stay with us.. I think you are at one of the right
      places for support and education though you are also apt to locate
      others as time goes on.


      Bruce, K2BET

      wapiti_sur_slayer wrote:
      > Greetings Everyone: I have just joined this group to try to learn more
      > about using Hamcap and dxatlas,and any other things that will help me
      > work my radio better.
      > I have been a ham for about 3-1/2 years, and I am working my way
      > through the hobby, trying to learn new areas of operating bliss.
      > I have mostly just listened to other hams on SSB, trying to learn how
      > to operate correctly, and improve my knowledge of what it takes to
      > become profidient at DX and working other stations.
      > Today I tried for the first time to use hamcap to learn what it will
      > do, and how to use it to make contacts on bands other than 40 and 80
      > Meters. I had some success (?) hearing DX stations on bands that I
      > had ,up until now, thought were dead because of the solar cycle.
      > I guess my main question is: Am I in the wrong group? I read through
      > the postings for the last few months, and they seem to just be talking
      > about new improvements to the program. Where is the best place to
      > learn how to use the programs and increase my learning curve? 73 Spencer
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