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591Faros: I'm Impressed, so I bought it! But I have a question.

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  • g8kbv
    Jan 11, 2008
      Hi All..

      Firstly, I'm not easily impressed by things, but Faros has realy got
      my attention, so much so I've paid to register it. Well done Alex,
      an excelent piece of work...

      A question though, in relation to Faros V1.2

      Could you in the next maintenance release (if you do such things)
      provide the means to specify the history change timing, to values
      other than multiples of 3 mnutes...? (Any value >= 3 perhaps?)

      This is because I've noticed that when Faros saves it's history
      as .gif's, it fails to monitor whatever beacon it's got "active" in
      the beacon/band list at that time.

      I guess formatting the files and writing to disk takes just too much
      processor time or something. Anyway, as it is at the moment, it's
      always the same beacon/band combination that get's hit. It'd be nice
      to let the gaps move arround a bit ;-)

      Oh yes, this is running on a Win2k PC, with a P3/666MHz cpu, and
      Creative PCI souncard. A Dell Optiplex GX110, with 390Meg of RAM.
      If you think it'll help, I'll stuff more RAM in the thing. (It's
      the fastet "spare" PC I have with a suitable sound system!) The
      intention is to dedicate this PC to Faros, so it's not going to do
      much if anything else.

      At the moment, other than the above, it's all working very well, with
      my TS-870, but I still intend to interface OmniRig to the old Icom IC-
      R70, and active antenna, as that always hears the beacons better than
      the 870 when it's not using the ATU.

      When that is all settled, I'll arrange for the history images to be
      available via a website like several others, for the greater good of

      73, and Thank you again Alex, for a truly excelent piece of
      programming. I salute you.

      Dave G0WBX/G8KBV.
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