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590Faros and Rig Timeout

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  • Barry
    Jan 9, 2008
      I am using Faros with my TS-930, which has a Piexx board for computer
      control. Faros and the TS-930 work together fine with one
      exception. I've been running Faros for 24 hours and the TS-930
      appears to timeout (freeze) every 1-2 hours. Faros freezes but does
      not crash. I can usually restart the beacon logging by either
      changing the rig frequency manually or turning the rig off and back on.

      The Piexx board uses the TS-570 command set. I did not find the
      TS-570 in the OmniRig drop-down box so I am using the generic Kenwood
      option. OmniRig settings (within Faros) follow:
      - Kenwood
      - Com3
      - 4800
      - 8
      - None
      - 2
      - Handshake
      - Low
      - 500
      - 4000

      Any suggestions regarding how to troubleshoot or fix the problem?

      Thanks and 73,

      Barry K4CZ
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