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554What to do when the Ionoprobe registration key does not work

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  • wd4elg_base
    Dec 26, 2007
      Well, I got the key from RegSoft. And I entered it into the
      registration box. Everything worked fine.

      Guess what? 30 days later, it tells me my trial period is over. TRIAL
      PERIOD? I paid for the reg key! It never told me the registration key
      did not take! (Not sure why it's not working, I have the original email
      with the registration information and the key.) What is going on

      I have emailed RegSoft. Anyone else seeing this problem? The other
      apps I have (DXAtlas, BandMaster, HamCap) working fine. I found a
      previous thread from April of this year indicating that my error is
      because of an incorrect registration key. I always assume I am the
      cause of the problem, but it's a simple cut-and-paste operation.


      * Anyone have the experience of thinking they registered Ionoprobe,
      when the key did not take and it was not until 30 days later that they
      made the discovery?
      * Anyone else have problems with their Ionoprobe registration key?

      Mark, WD4ELG

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