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540Registration key for DX Atlas Ver 2.1

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  • n4gx
    Dec 11, 2007
      I had purchased the registered version of DX Atlas from REGSSoft.com
      some time ago. Since that time I have changed email providers and
      reformatted my hard drive so my registration key has been lost. I wrote
      down the key when you sent it to me in the original email but that
      doesn't work as it has to be pasted into DX Atlas Ver 2.1 to work. I
      believe my email address was at excite.com at the time. Now I am using
      Yahoo and my address there is n4gx@.... Can you please send me my
      old registration key in an email or allow me to download ver 2.2 and
      send me a registration key.
      If necessary I can give you the bar code number off the CD. I have sent
      an email to regsoft.com but have had no response as yet.

      Ed - N4GX
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