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467Re: [dxatlas] Need reply from Alex

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  • Alex, VE3NEA
    Apr 4, 2007
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      Hi George,

      This happens because an incorrect registration key was entered in the program. In my last reply to you I suggested that you contact RegSoft and ask them to re-send the key to you. If for some reason you cannot do this, I can find your key and send it to you, but I am unable to post it to this forum. Please send me a private email instead.


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      From: George Harlem
      To: dxatlas_group@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Wednesday, April 04, 2007 11:46 AM
      Subject: [dxatlas] Need reply from Alex

      Alex, you have seen this message before, but I have not solved the
      problem. When I try to open IonoProbe on my laptop I am asked to
      enter the registration code. When I enter the code from my original
      purchase of IonoProbe v.1 (17 Jan 05), I get the "thank you" screen,
      but when I again attempt to launch the program I am once more asked to
      enter the registration code. This is extremely frustrating. What do
      I need to do to get the use of the program I paid for?

      I have tried checking the box to run it in compatibility mode with
      Win2K, which was the OS when I originally purchased IonoProbe. My
      laptop now runs WinXP Pro. Still no success.

      George W1EBI

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