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449Re: [dxatlas] Faros 1.1; minor issue

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  • Alex, VE3NEA
    Feb 17, 2007
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      Hi Cormac,

      It looks like another application opens the log file occasionally. Are you
      by chance running an anti-virus program in the background? If you open the
      log in a text editor when Faros is running, this also might cause a problem.

      73 Alex VE3NEA

      ----- Original Message -----


      I recently downloaded Faros 1.1 and find it excellent. I'll be
      purchasing, as, like all Alex's previous s/w, its definitely a keeper.

      I'm having one very minor issue: Occasionally I get a Windows error
      dialog box stating that Faros could not open error.log in the Faros
      program directory. Data is being written to the file is always the same
      error e.g.:

      2007-02-17 10:53:04 Sound duration error: 7.53 ms
      2007-02-17 10:53:14 Sound card OK

      If I acknowledge the error, Faros continues to operate happily, but
      unfortunately it very occasionally crashes the program if it happens
      repeatedly and I'm not around to acknowledge the error message (i.e. the
      error dialog boxes begin to stack up).

      Running a virtually cleanWindows XP SP2 (installed a week ago) with all
      available updates onboard - PC is an Intel P-III 1.7GHz with 256mB RAM

      Cormac, EI4HQ
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