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430Ionoprobe registration screen

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  • Greg
    Jan 28, 2007
      I am a registered DX Atlas user and want to try the Ionoprobe demo,
      however after the install, it says the demo period is over and requsts
      the registration number. I tried unistalling and re-install, as well
      as re-downloading but still get the registration pop-up only.

      I had tried a previous demo installation (abt a year ago) but had the
      same problem back then and gave up -although it may have been due to
      unrelated computer problems which has since been upgraded. I also had
      to uninstall my registerd DX Atlas at that same time.

      My recent DX Atlas re-install and its registration for works fine.
      Has the Ionoprobe demo been withdrawn? BTW ,the total Ionoprobe Demo
      runtime never exceeded a few days on the orignal install attempt.

      tnx es 73

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