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419Re: [dxatlas] DX Atlas Doesn't Appear to be Getting Info from Ionoprobe

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  • Alex, VE3NEA
    Jan 21, 2007

      Click on Download Old Data in the IonoProbe menu.



      I've recently downloaded and installed DX Atlas and Ionoprobe.
      Ionoprobe is running in the System Tray. However when I start DX
      Atlas, the bottom Indices shows red/User. When I open that dialog box
      up, the green "Real-time data from IonoProbe" is already checked. But
      when I click Apply and/or OK, the bottom Indices remains red for
      User. I've restarted the program as well.

      Also, when the bottom Indices dialog box is open, the Sunspot number
      shows a notation: "Real-time data not available."

      Does anyone have any suggestion(s)?

      Tnx, Norm
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