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409Re: [dxatlas] Logging software

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  • Leandro Sucet
    Dec 21, 2006
      Check WINLOG32, it is FREE and Colin offer good support and there is a forum that works straight with him. It is builded in TELNET/WLNET/WOTA/RIG CONTROL and much,much,much more. Give it a look and you see.

      Regards Leandro AD5XL
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      From: James Streible
      To: dxatlas_group@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Thursday, December 21, 2006 11:49 AM
      Subject: Re: [dxatlas] Logging software


      Take a look at Logger32. I have been running it for several years and it
      is the easiest to use of all the logging programs I have tried. Also, it
      is free.

      Jim K4DLI

      Cecil Acuff wrote:
      > I have a logging program question for the group...a little off topic but
      > related. I am using the full DX Atlas suite of software and like the way it
      > works but want to add a DX logging package to my station that will keep up
      > with all DX contacts as an electronic log book of sorts. I need it to track
      > worked and confirmed countries, states, zones, continents etc...for the
      > awards programs. I don't want to duplicate functionality that already
      > exists within the DX Atlas suite for fear of decreasing it's functionality.
      > What is recommended? I do much more DXing than contesting. I have picked
      > up WriteLog for any contesting endeavors but plan to run it on my Laptop
      > from where ever I may be working a contest. I can run two PC's networked if
      > necessary but would like to run just one with maybe two displays with DX
      > Atlas on one and the logging program on the other.
      > Just brainstorming right now before I make a purchase decision on another
      > software package.
      > I'm running two Yaesu transceivers with plans for one on SSB/CW and the
      > other dedicated to RTTY/PSK/Faros. I also have a rotor control box with a
      > computer interface to use once I get the tower up. I'm using MMTTY and
      > Digipan. I have one PC that's 1.2 Ghz AMD and another that is a 400 Mhz
      > Pentium. I have two flat panel displays and broadband connectivity to one
      > of the PC's.
      > Just need to figure out the best way to tie it all together.
      > Any suggestions please respond to me direct....
      > Thanks...
      > Cecil Acuff
      > K5DL
      > chacuff@...
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