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407Logging software

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  • Cecil Acuff
    Dec 21, 2006
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      I have a logging program question for the group...a little off topic but
      related. I am using the full DX Atlas suite of software and like the way it
      works but want to add a DX logging package to my station that will keep up
      with all DX contacts as an electronic log book of sorts. I need it to track
      worked and confirmed countries, states, zones, continents etc...for the
      awards programs. I don't want to duplicate functionality that already
      exists within the DX Atlas suite for fear of decreasing it's functionality.

      What is recommended? I do much more DXing than contesting. I have picked
      up WriteLog for any contesting endeavors but plan to run it on my Laptop
      from where ever I may be working a contest. I can run two PC's networked if
      necessary but would like to run just one with maybe two displays with DX
      Atlas on one and the logging program on the other.

      Just brainstorming right now before I make a purchase decision on another
      software package.

      I'm running two Yaesu transceivers with plans for one on SSB/CW and the
      other dedicated to RTTY/PSK/Faros. I also have a rotor control box with a
      computer interface to use once I get the tower up. I'm using MMTTY and
      Digipan. I have one PC that's 1.2 Ghz AMD and another that is a 400 Mhz
      Pentium. I have two flat panel displays and broadband connectivity to one
      of the PC's.

      Just need to figure out the best way to tie it all together.

      Any suggestions please respond to me direct....


      Cecil Acuff
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