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406Re: [dxatlas] Re: Ham Cap Question

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  • Cecil Acuff
    Dec 21, 2006
      Hi Alex,

      Did the download old data and it locked right in. Didn't think to try
      that...thanks. The SSN block turned green and showed a SSN of 25...sounds a
      little high compared to what others report but it must have picked that up
      from IonProbe so I'll go with that!

      Managed to work the VU7 this morning at 13:58 on 20M right about the time
      HamCap said would be the window. 100 watts and a Carolina Windom at 45
      feet. Radio is still amazing!

      Loudest I have heard them here....about S-2 with a quiet band!

      Thanks again & Merry Christmas...

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      > Hi Cecil,
      > Click on the Download / Old Data command in the IonoProbe menu to ensure
      > that the program has enough daily SSN data and can compute the smoothed
      > SSN
      > required for HamCap.
      > Alex
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