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405Re: [dxatlas] Re: Ham Cap Question

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  • Alex, VE3NEA
    Dec 20, 2006
      Hi Cecil,

      Click on the Download / Old Data command in the IonoProbe menu to ensure
      that the program has enough daily SSN data and can compute the smoothed SSN
      required for HamCap.


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      From: Cecil Acuff
      To: dxatlas_group@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Wednesday, December 20, 2006 10:38 AM
      Subject: Re: [dxatlas] Re: Ham Cap Question

      I use IonProbe and DXAtlas. The settings page in Ham Cap has a button to
      select the use of both of those, which I depress. The confusion is that the
      Kp box in Ham Cap turns green, I am assuming when it is using the data
      picked up from IonProbe but the SSN box never changes color to indicate the
      same. It does however show 12 upon startup which I assumed was a default
      starting point...maybe not. I don't see anywhere in IonProbe where a SSN of
      12 is displayed but I do see 12.1 indicated for the month of DEC 2006 in the
      spread sheet that comes up when clicking on the sun icon next to the SSN
      display box in Ham Cap.

      Bottom line it's not been clear to me where the SSN number is actually
      coming from and how often it is updated to attempt to be somewhat near
      real-time in it's predictions...

      Maybe Alex can clear it up.....

      I will admit that as far as the peak time to work the VU7 from my location
      it has been quite accurate. I still have not worked them but have not had
      time to spend in the chase due to wrapping up work related duties. I'll be
      able to spend more time in the next week or so but with a 100W and a wire it
      will be a challenge. (not impossible)

      Have only heard them briefly during the peak on 20m.

      Hope for better conditions between now and 1/1 when the flares will probably
      start again....

      Gulfport MS
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