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396IonoProbe Sunspot Graph Questions

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  • Eric - VE3GSI
    Dec 17, 2006
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      Hi Alex and gang,

      In the IonoProbe program with the chart number I have notice that the graph
      is capable of showing sunspot numbers up to 400. Yet on any historic chart I
      have been looking at lately the SS number rarely goes above the number of
      200 spots.

      Two questions. Am I looking at the wrong charts on the web?

      If not. Would it not be a good idea to allow the user an option change the
      maximum number on the IonoProbe graph or at least limit it to two hundred

      My reasoning is that the numbers would be more prominent on the scale for
      day to day use. It should be obvious I am not an expert in this area and am
      only looking for feedback from Alex and others.

      By the way, it has been quite interesting to watch the numbers and graphs
      change on IonoProbe with this past weeks very active solar storm.

      Thanks to all,

      Eric - VE3GSI

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