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  • Mike Harris
    Sep 2, 2006
      Good day,

      Ref the recent query about twilight settings. The following is what I was
      using in the Geoclock GECONFIG.DAT file:

      RemSUNLIGHT-0.833 = normal sunset
      RemTWILIGHT-6 = end of civil twilight

      Added the following lines to the config file and could toggle from one
      setting to the other by moving the REM to the appropriate lines:

      SUNLIGHT-6.596 = end of "D" layer illumination
      TWILIGHT-14.165 = end of "F" layer illumination

      The numbers are sun elevation angles and are clearly false precision
      given the seasonal and solar cycle variation in the layer heights,
      however, it's a start. I guess it wouldn't be too big a deal to add
      the option to select something similar in DX-Atlas.


      Mike VP8NO