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339Virtual Audio Control

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  • Steve Burczyk
    Jul 24, 2006
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      Grady WE4S remarked on the 'divide by zero' problem, (which I'm sure
      you're well on the way to troubleshooting), and mentioned software
      called Virtual Audio Control. I don't know that one and it sounds
      mighty useful. (is it Virtual Audio Cable instead?).
      I like to run my radio for digital modes on the laptop, wireless
      to the 'rig computer' and would love to find a way to listen as well.
      The ears are still better than a display sometimes.
      I used to use AudioLink Client from G4ILO but it quit working for me (
      maybe run it as a '98 application?)
      This is a bit off topic, unless you want to listen to the beacons and
      see how well Faros is doing, hihi.
      Actually - I've done that and Faros does a great job detecting weak
      signals, FWIW.
      progress to all in your projects,
      Steve KE8PA MidwestSSTRC 129