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287HamCap 1.4

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  • Mike Harris
    Mar 9, 2006
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      Good day,

      I'm currently having a problem with HamCap 1.4. I have installed it on a
      new PC (WinXP Professional) and it stubbornly refuses to update its .ini
      file. Change the antenna from the default dipole to 3el Yagi @ 35 feet
      and next time it is launched the antenna is back to default. Also after
      running "pre compute maps" shut it down and relaunch later (the same day)
      and it doesn't pick up the pre computed maps. Also the check box "plot
      path" won't stay unchecked. After a while it did decide to hold my QTH

      Change the HamCap.ini file in Notepad and antenna selection sticks.

      Also in DX Atlas 2.25 the old great circle dotted line hangs up for a few
      seconds after moving the cursor to a new location resulting in two dotted
      lines. I thought this was at first due to my old PC a 700MHz P3 engine
      not having the power to cope but the same happens on the new 3+GHz P4.
      Version 2.24 is OK.


      Mike VP8NO
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