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258Great new feature for BandMaster!

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  • Stan Huntting
    Sep 5 10:05 AM
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      I picked this up from the ARRL-LOTW YahooGroup.

      I haven't looked at HB9BZA's client program so I don't know how he
      implemented it, but the idea is pretty obvious: match the calls
      spotted on BandMaster to the ARRL-LoTW users list and flag or filter
      the spots to show which spotted DX stations are QSLing vis LoTW. I am
      one of the many DXers who is trying to re-work and reconfirm all the
      awards (DXCC, WAZ, WAC, etc) vis LoTW and this feature would be a
      great help.

      Message: 1
      Date: Sun, 4 Sep 2005 16:21:01 +0000
      From: Art RX9TX <rx9tx@...>
      Subject: Cluster window + LoTW users list

      Hello hamlogger,

      HB9BZA wrote a radio/telnet cluster client which can show LoTW users
      calls in addition to country/band/mode status. Thats what already
      been discussed on L32 reflector, so I just want to clarify how it
      should work. See http://rchalmas.users.ch/lotw/


      "Another purpose of this list (LoTW users list) was to integrate it
      into my packet radio/telnet client RXCLUS to make it possible to
      work more LoTW participants and to get more credits for your DXCC
      awards! This new version of RXCLUS is now available from my download

      73...Art RX9TX 04-Sep-05 16:15 UTC