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2461Re: ToyNTP 1.1

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  • Dave
    Mar 27, 2011
      Hi Alex.

      Many thanks for this tool.

      I'm testing it by running it in parallel with a GPS diciplined NTP server
      as a comparison. I'll let you know what I find.

      It can indeed be used happily on the same PC that is used to run Faros,
      so makes a nice "one box" solution. At present, here that's my test
      machine, a P4 1.8G machine running Windows 2000 (and a whole host of
      other app's that run 24/7!)

      Also, there are several PPS capable GPS receivers out there, the older
      Garmin GPS16's are suitable too.

      As a simple GPS driven SNTP source for other purposes, it works well
      enough. Nice job Alex, well done.

      For anyone who wants to run Faros, and cant get an internet based NTP
      service to work well (if at all) or is running it /portable, this is a
      supurb tool.

      I suspect it will also find use with the MS, WSPR and other esoteric mode
      guys, who need better accuracy time referencing than you can get from
      just a free running PC.

      Best Regards.

      Dave G0WBX.
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