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246Re: High Morse Runner Score Guys

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  • rw3gu
    Jul 8, 2005
      Hi Eric.

      > What speeds, activities, pitch and filter settings are you high
      score ops
      > using? How many years have you been on CW. How much practice
      time? etc...

      My settings are:
      CW Speed: 60 WPM
      CW Pitch: 400 Hz
      RX Bandwidth: 350 Hz
      Activity: 4

      > I have been running at 33 WPM - Activity 3 to get 13356. Is this
      good - bad
      > - average?

      Frankly speaking your current result is average.
      To improve speed I can suggest you a helpful exercise:
      (exercise is based only on my own experience)
      Since your normal speed is 33 WPM, run MR at 33+20=53WPM
      and try to recognize callsigns.
      Work on that speed for for about 5 minutes.
      Then set 33+10=43WPM and work also for about 5 minutes.
      After 53 WPM you will notice that 43 WPM is not too fast and
      more or less acceptable.
      Then reduce the speed to your normal value and you will notice how
      slow it is! :) Run competition mode on 35-38WPM and you will break
      20K points.

      Take a look at my MR log and MP3 file.

      Valery, RW3GU
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