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245Glitches & Band Master, Ham CAP

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  • Steve Burczyk
    Jul 8, 2005
      Hello Alex, and the group; In my trusty old Win '98 machine running
      BandMaster as the 'control pregram' klicking on the band map
      frequencies on the left side, it dclares an "Unexpected Failure" with
      a OK button -
      OK,(not)..pressing button.. now the cursor drags the whole freq
      display up & down with no mouse buttons at all. Going from band map to
      Spot list and back to band list, a single klik will restore normal
      function......until you klik on the frequency column again. Have tried
      uninstall & back, but it still happens. FWIW, running on a fast new XP
      machine and a slow laptop 98 work just fine.
      HaruuummPh (clearing throat)..and also...running HamCAP, the 'Map' tab
      view only shows the map filiing from upper left corner, about 4/5ths
      the width,
      and about 4/5ths down from the same corner. Looking in the 'config'
      file, nothing really reaches out and kicks me, but perhaps something
      in there can be reset?
      I must say, when entering the shack/shop here the suite of
      programs offers a VERY quick look at propagation.
      Steve KE8PA