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  • Dave
    Feb 13, 2011
      Just catching up with things.

      Yes, I've use IP-Sound for various things over recent times. It works
      very well, and with minimum network bandwidth too. A good program.

      The choice of codec's is good, plus you can change them at both ends,
      from one end! A neat and usefull trick.

      But... Don't use the default port if you have it exposed to the www.
      The default port (444 from memory) was also used by some trojan worm or
      something as well. So, best not to even stick you head over the firewall
      wearing that hat. It can be freely changed to whatever port number you
      want though, so should not be a problem.

      As it uses UDP for the transport traffic, some VPN's can be a bit fussy,
      Hamachi passes it with no worries, but SSH based tunnels just won't

      The only feature I wish it had, was some sort of "audio is present"
      detection, a sort of squelch. So as to reduce the network traffic to an
      absolute minimum, when there is no audio.

      For full duplex Audio over IP, and the small PC footprint and resources
      it needs, I think it takes a lot of beating.

      Have Fun.

      Dave G0WBX.

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      Posted by: "Dave" dave@...   davemynatt
      Wed Feb 9, 2011 6:30 pm (PST)

      Anyone using the DX application IP-sound from DX-ZONE:


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