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241RE: [dxatlas] High Morse Runner Score Guys

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  • Ian Parsons
    Jul 5, 2005
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      Hi Eric,

      I don't consider myself part of that elite (?) group. I'm a bit below it.
      But here are my settings anyway. If they end up helping you out, great! :-)

      I use 45wpm, an activity level of 3, with the bandwidth usually left at
      400hz. Oh, and the "sidetone" is at 500z. I realize that all of these
      settings, especially the sidetone, are highly subjective.

      Unless I'm terribly mistaken, the QRM/QRN/QSB, LIDS, etc. settings can NOT
      be customized when in the competition mode.

      All of the above has gotten me to just under 240000, which I believe
      currently translates to 156 or so on the list.

      These are excellent questions, btw. And to be honest, I've been wanting to
      ask them myself for quite some time ;)

      As for your other questions, I've been licensed since '75 and CW has always
      been relatively easy for me. That is, until I start venturing outside of
      contest exchanges, hi! I've not had a station of my own since about '82 (I
      get my fixes by doing the guest op thing) so things like MR are pretty much
      my only way of keeping my skills/speed up to par. I tend to go through
      phases. I'll sometimes do 2 one-hour sessions in an evening. Maybe even 3 if
      it's a weekend with nothing going on. (Note that they're never
      "back-to-back". I always leave a few hours in between them). Then, for some
      unknown reason, I might just walk away from it all for as long as a month!

      Go figure ;)

      GL es 73!

      Ian, K5ZM


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      Subject: [dxatlas] High Morse Runner Score Guys

      High Morse Runner Score Guys - You know who you are!

      Would it be possible for you top end fellows to share some knowledge with us
      who are wishing to climb up the score chart?

      What speeds, activities, pitch and filter settings are you high score ops
      using? How many years have you been on CW. How much practice time? etc...

      I have been running at 33 WPM - Activity 3 to get 13356. Is this good - bad
      - average?

      73 Eric - VE3GSI

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