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234HAMCAP do not start

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  • Bob
    Jul 4, 2005
      Hi Alex,

      try to use HamCap, also in cojunction with Win-Test.
      HAMCAP refuse to start giving out an error,
      cliaming VOACAP is not installed.
      I installed VOACAP as per isntructions, and all seems OK.
      VOACAP itself is working OK.

      VOACAP installed in C:\itshfbc
      and Voacapw.exe is present in the directory bin_win.

      Nevertheless HamCap send out a Warning when start

      VOACAP v.3.082 or higher is required for this program
      to run. Open the VOACAP download page? YES/NO.

      Hit NO

      an error window pops-up:

      Acces violation at address 0043338F in module 'HamCap.exe'
      Read of address 0000014C.


      And stops.

      Any hint please?

      Bob, I2WIJ