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2324Re: [dxatlas] Connecting a Skimmer Server

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  • Pete Smith
    Jan 14, 2011
      Ask VE1DX. He is running a CC Cluster that displays at least one
      Skimmer's spots.

      73, Pete N4ZR

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      On 1/14/2011 2:00 PM, Dennis wrote:
      > Wes,
      > Thanks for the response. I've already contacted Lee and I think I'm getting
      > into an area where one software developer doesn't know how to work with the
      > others software. I've seen this happen before.
      > I am hoping that between the 2 Yahoo groups, someone has done this before.
      > I started with the CC Cluster group and they've been quiet, so I thought I'd
      > post here.
      > It amazes me how in less than a year the ham community has gone from 'get
      > rid of the Skimmer spots' to 'I'd like the option to display Skimmer spots
      > from everywhere'. How times change. I had just gotten my Skimmer up and
      > running the weekend that the screaming started. Now that it's quieted down
      > I thought I'd finish the project.
      > Thanks again,
      > Dennis/K9WMS
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      > Hi Dennis. This sounds like an issue you might want to discuss with Lee,
      > VE7CC.
      > Of course, some of the impediments are there to make certain the Skimmer
      > spots don't inadvertently get on the cluster backbone but I am certain you
      > have already thought of that.
      > Wes, WZ7I
      > On Fri, Jan 14, 2011 at 1:34 PM, k9wms<k9wms@...> wrote:
      >> Hi Everyone,
      >> I'm trying to connect a Skimmer Server to a CC Cluster. I've run into the
      >> problem of logging into Skimmer Server. I do not have the Password option
      >> functional at this point.
      >> Apparently CC Cluster is not capable of generating a Logon script. Does
      >> anyone know how to disable the Login requirement?
      >> Thanks,
      >> Dennis/K9WMS
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