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2323RE: [dxatlas] Connecting a Skimmer Server

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  • Dennis
    Jan 14, 2011

      Thanks for the response. I've already contacted Lee and I think I'm getting
      into an area where one software developer doesn't know how to work with the
      others software. I've seen this happen before.

      I am hoping that between the 2 Yahoo groups, someone has done this before.
      I started with the CC Cluster group and they've been quiet, so I thought I'd
      post here.

      It amazes me how in less than a year the ham community has gone from 'get
      rid of the Skimmer spots' to 'I'd like the option to display Skimmer spots
      from everywhere'. How times change. I had just gotten my Skimmer up and
      running the weekend that the screaming started. Now that it's quieted down
      I thought I'd finish the project.

      Thanks again,

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      Hi Dennis. This sounds like an issue you might want to discuss with Lee,

      Of course, some of the impediments are there to make certain the Skimmer
      spots don't inadvertently get on the cluster backbone but I am certain you
      have already thought of that.

      Wes, WZ7I

      On Fri, Jan 14, 2011 at 1:34 PM, k9wms <k9wms@...> wrote:

      > Hi Everyone,
      > I'm trying to connect a Skimmer Server to a CC Cluster. I've run into the
      > problem of logging into Skimmer Server. I do not have the Password option
      > functional at this point.
      > Apparently CC Cluster is not capable of generating a Logon script. Does
      > anyone know how to disable the Login requirement?
      > Thanks,
      > Dennis/K9WMS

      Wes Cosand, Ph.D.
      6299 Route 413
      PO Box 349
      Pipersville, PA 18947

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