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2299RE: {Disarmed} [dxatlas] Re: OFF TOPIC: Looking for wireless router advice

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  • John
    Jan 3, 2011
      Thank you for your suggestion or advice regarding the RFI from the Apple
      AirPort Extreme.

      I have solved my problem in simplest manor possible, I took the unit back to
      the store and set up the wireless router the fancy one was to replace.

      I also tried a D-Link DIR-825, no joy there either.

      Seems fancy don't work in the country!!

      I figured that would be the best way to temporarily deal with the RFI as
      most stores have a 30 day limit (purchased 2 weeks before Christmas) for
      returns and really didn't want to go back to the stores to stand in the
      snail paced queue to return items after Christmas.

      Could have ordered chokes but the return time limit was a concern if the
      chokes did not work out.

      I live out in the country and as it was the Christmas/New Year season, I was
      not going to make the trip to the "big city" in search of snap-on chokes,
      too many people in a hurry.

      Moving the router wasn't an option as it would have been roughly the same
      distance from the ham shack no matter where in the house the unit was

      We will be moving to another house soon and hopefully it can be wired with
      CAT6 shielded cable.

      The original unit, a D-Link DI-524 does have the very same birdies at the
      very same locations although these are marginally above the noise level of
      the FT-857D receiver. Some suggested that I was picking up the RFI on my
      coax, I doubt that this is the case as most of my coax is under ground.

      A Happy New Year wish to all for a safe and DX loaded new year.

      John, VE3KKQ

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      Check the PSU.

      If it's a SMPS wall wart, replace with a linear type. Often, the PSU's
      are many 10's of dB's noiser than what they power.

      Worth a try.

      Dave 'wbx

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