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225Compatibility between MR and Win 98.

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  • Alex, VE3NEA
    Jun 7, 2005
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      Hi Gabriel,

      The programs that you mentioned are very different from Morse Runner. They
      are not real-time programs, i.e., they load a huge amount of audio data in a
      buffer and then play it smoothly even if the sound card (or its driver, as
      on Windows 98), is very slow.

      Morse Runner has to react instantly to the user actions. For example, when
      you hit F1, it should start sending CQ immediately. If MR had a 2-second
      buffer, you would have to wait 2 seconds until you CQ starts! Since MR is a
      real-time program, it can afford only a very small audio buffer. Because of
      this, it requires a relatively fast audio card/driver. In the last few
      versions of Morse Runner, you can trade the reaction time for stable audio,
      please see the readme file for details. Most people who run MR on Win98
      increased the buffer size as instructed, and fixed the problem completely.

      73 Alex VE3NEA

      > Hi all, hi Alex.
      > I already writen about this subject and as I didn't change my Operative
      > system yet, it is already affecting me.
      > On my computer runs Win 98 SE, with a very large Hard Disk, 256 MB/Ram
      > within 500 Mhz Celeron Processor CPU.
      > The Sound Card is from Creative, type SB Live 1024.
      > I'm blind so I pay lots of attenction to everything regarding Sounds
      > world,
      > soundblaster configuration and so on... I'm using a Screen reader in order
      > to access to my computer output and I love whole things regarding audio
      > editing like Goldwave or SoundForge softwares. I have a large experience
      > in
      > it and all these programs never gave me incompatibility troubles with my
      > SoundCard, no one except from Morse Runner.
      > In the past, when I worked with DOS system I was a FAN of RUFZ from DL4MM
      > since that moment I never find a good CW-trainer like that. Now I
      > discovered
      > your Morse runner but it doesn't work properly on my SoundBlaster.
      > I wonder if you have discovered where the problem is... And if it will be
      > possible for you to fix it easly... to give me the opportunity to use it
      > on
      > this PC.
      > If you thing would be necessary, I can give you details about my SoundCard
      > configuration.
      > Thanks in advance and best 73 to you and family all.
      > IZ4APU - Gabriel - North-East Italy.
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