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2249Re: Faros - run away monitor display

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  • Dave
    Dec 9, 2010
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      Try using the PC's own internal soundcard. But make sure you go into
      Windows settings and turn off all the Windows event noises. Also, that
      you select the "Line" input.

      I'm guessing your using the Signallink soundcard, and the Icom's internal
      soundcard (I can't find full info on that yet) But the common thing
      there is they use the USB interface.

      You might also want to check if they can or do use USB2 as well as plain
      old USB, as the later is much much faster at shuffling data in and out.

      My guess is, something else is also trying to use the USB based
      soundsystems for it's own use, and kicking things into touch as a result.
      Check Windows sound settings, just in case it's automaticaly selecting
      them whe you connect, or when it boots with them connected.

      Make sure too that Faros is using 48k samples/sec. Many sound systems
      are not entirely happy at 96k, certainly if using a USB1 connection.

      Also, that you are using a Mono input setting, not the I/Q setting, that
      is for use with some SDR receivers.

      It's also well worth disabling (while your running Faros) WIndows (and
      any AV) auto updates, as they will seriously disturb some of Faros's
      internal operations I've found in the past, when they kick off. Shutdown
      other app's your not using, email clients etc, anything that might "reach
      out" for something and find itself waiting for a response.

      Remember to re-enable updates when you've done with Faros.

      Just ideas, based on my own digital messings with Faros over the last
      couple of years on several machines.


      Dave G0WBX.

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      Posted by: "LA9XKA" pmolund@...   pmolund
      Wed Dec 8, 2010 3:06 am (PST)


      I have been trying to set up a Faros monitor, but have a hard time to get
      the installation to run smooth. The problem is that Faros randomly stops
      decoding the audio. It is visible in the monitor display as it start
      scrolling very fast instead of showing the decoded signal.In order to
      have Faros decode again I have to press Faros Pause and Start buttons.

      The current setup:

      PC - Pentium 4 3.2 GHz - 1 GB RAM
      OS - Windows Server 2003 R2 - SP2
      RX - Icom IC-7200 via USB

      I have also tried Windows XP, slower PC, other radio and SignalLink
      interface, all with the same problem.

      Anyone seen Faros behave this way? Any clues?


      LA9XKA - Per
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