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2248problems faros with perseus >> now with datas

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  • Gerhard Baumgartner
    Dec 8, 2010
      sorry, just saw that the screenshots have been removed. here are the datas.


      i run faros (trial period) with perseus. omnirig with perseus works well.
      perseus in cw with 3 khz, agc off, no filter. i use vac instead of the
      soundcard with the following settings:

      SR 48000192000

      BPS 8..24

      NC 1..2

      Max inst 20

      Ms per int 10

      Stream fmt cable range

      Volume control not activated

      Connected source lines >> Line activated

      Clock correction 100 %

      on the spectrum of faros signals can be seen but faros doesn´t recognize
      them. faros settings are as follows:

      Audio input device: Virtual cable 1

      Sampling Rate: 48 kHz

      Signal Type: Mono (Left channel)

      CW Pitch, Hz: 600

      any suggestions welcome!

      tnx + best 73

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