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2233W2RF Sync Program & K3

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  • k7eg
    Nov 27, 2010
      Got W2RF Sync program working yesterday with on 20 between Skimmer & K3. During CQWW CW, when I qsy'd to 40, the problems began and have persisted even when back on 20 and now 15.

      1. On 40M, I could not skim period. The W2RF program seemed ok but no skim. W2RF Sync wants to remain on SPLIT.

      2.Back on 20, it skims but when I click on skimmer spot it turns K3 onto "SPLIT". I have to manually turn SPLIT off on W2RF Sync program.

      3.On 15M – same as 20 – it skims but puts rig into "SPLIT".

      Is it possible latest K3 firmware upgrade is messing with your program? Sync program update needed for K3?

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