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2222Re: CW Skimmer Windows 7 64 Bit problems.

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  • Bill Finkelstein
    Nov 17, 2010
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      Hi Folks!

      Turns out it was a problem with my Sound card not having a driver that CW Skimmer was happy with. Alex sent me a version via email and now it's working like a charm.

      Thanks Alex!


      --- In dxatlas_group@yahoogroups.com, Bill Finkelstein <bill@...> wrote:
      > Hi Folks -
      > Can anyone help with this? I tried installing CW Skimmer (latest version)
      > on Windows 7 - 64 bit. I am getting a series of error messages, first I get
      > a "List index out of bounds(0), then an "Access violation at address
      > 00507e9a in CW Skimmer.exe Read address of 00000. Followed by the same
      > error at 0050985f. Then the CW Skimmer 1.6 window appears with another
      > address violation at 00509fc2 read address of 00000050. Then again at
      > 00507e9a, and finally a never ending series starting at 005000ec. I have to
      > use task manager to terminate the CW Skimmer process.
      > Yes, I am running under Windows XP SP2 compatibility, with Run as
      > Administrator set and under an Admin login.
      > Both CW-Skimmer and Omni-Rig are set this way.
      > Yes, I know Win 7 isn't officially supported, but 1) I see that others have
      > it working, 2) I don't have ANY XP or Vista computers anymore, and 3) It's
      > about dang time Win 7 was supported!
      > So does anybody have any ideas?
      > Thank you!
      > 73s,
      > Bill Finkelstein
      > wb6jao
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