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222Re: [dxatlas] oddity in MR 1.5

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  • Alex, VE3NEA
    Jun 5, 2005
      Hi Mike,

      You have yet to see some other evil tricks MR has learned :-) For example,
      in the new version the op does NOT always correct you if you bust the call.
      Guessing callsigns is now dangerous, like in the real world.

      Perhaps I can make the mapping between the F keys and the messages
      configurable, but I cannot allow editing the message text. Remember that
      there are not human operators behind the calling stations. The program can
      copy what you send, but it cannot understand what the message means, it just
      checks which F key you pressed. When I figure out how to write a program
      that understands free format messages, I will probably create a robot that
      will work in the contests for me ;-)

      73 Alex VE3NEA

      > You're evil. I like it. :)
      > Now, if we could just customize the keys to match different contesting
      > programs...
      > 73!
      > --Mike WQ5C
      > At 08:27 PM 6/5/2005, Alex, VE3NEA wrote:
      >>Hi Ian,
      >>This is not a bug, he-he...
      >>If the calling operator thinks that you busted his call, hit F5 (His Call)
      >>and F3 (TU), no need to re-enter the callsign or re-send the exchange. The
      >>program remembers the last saved call until you enter a new one.
      >>73 Alex VE3NEA
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