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2206Skimmer Server "Normal" and "Aggressive" call validation

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  • Wes Cosand
    Nov 5 2:35 PM
      Some of the telnet users of my Skimmer receiver prefer that it run in
      "Normal" call validation during the week and then change to "Aggressive"
      validation during contest periods on the week-end. I sometimes forget to
      make that change.

      I have found simple AutoHotKey mouse movement scripts useful for changing
      frequency bands as propagation changes during the day and I have recently
      added scripts to change the call validation settings on Friday evening and
      then Sunday evening. These scripts are called by Windows Scheduled Tasks.
      I realize this is an inelegant solution but it appears to be sufficiently
      robust to be useful. The key is that the Skimmer Server icon is always in a
      reproducible position in the system tray. That may be easier on a machine
      dedicated to Skimmer Server.

      I would be glad to share these scripts but they will differ depending on
      screen resolution, etc.

      Wes WZ7I
      CW spots at cw.wz7i.com, port 7300

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