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2198Re: Does Voice Shaper run on Vista?

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  • Dave Toombs
    Oct 27, 2010
      Just installed Voice Shaper on my Vista PC and all audio devices are available for selection. I have a Delta 44 Sound Card fitted and I am using one it it's outputs top feed audio to the rig. I want to use a webcam integral mike for my audio in (just for test) but although this device is available for selection, Voice Shaper doesn't receive any audio from it. This Webcam Mic works perfectly on Skype etc. I have shut down all apps that may be seizing the webcam mic, just in case that's the issue. Voice Shaper does accept live audio in from the Delta 44 sound card (used for PSK etc directly from the Rig) but doesnt seem to want to play with any other device on the PC.

      Anyone have any ideas on this, I'd be grateful for the heads up.

      --- In dxatlas_group@yahoogroups.com, "kiscomd" <k2cbi@...> wrote:
      > Program installs OK, but sound card selection boxes are blank. Vista
      > problem or something I did (didn't do)?
      > Thanks,
      > Mike
      > K2CBI
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