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219Re: [dxatlas] oddity in MR 1.5

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  • Alex, VE3NEA
    Jun 5, 2005
      Hi Ian,

      This is not a bug, he-he...

      If the calling operator thinks that you busted his call, hit F5 (His Call)
      and F3 (TU), no need to re-enter the callsign or re-send the exchange. The
      program remembers the last saved call until you enter a new one.

      73 Alex VE3NEA

      > All,
      > Have any of you experienced this? I wonder if it's possible to go back to
      > an
      > earlier rev., say, 1.4.. .
      > When running a pileup using 1.5, I am frequently running into the
      > following:
      > 1. I call CQ
      > 2. I pick out a station to answer
      > 3. I CORRECTLY copy/enter the call, give the exchange, and hit enter to
      > log
      > 4. The calling station then starts going on as if I've busted his call,
      > and...
      > 5. The only way to stop him from sending is call again and again is to
      > enter
      > it again
      > As though I was answer a new station, give the exchange again, let him
      > say "r"
      > And have to listen to him give his report all over again. At this
      > point I can hit
      > F3 and the "NIL" on the previous line will go away.
      > Is this a flaw or one of Alex's "improvements" to the LIDs feature??
      > I LOVE the adjustable monitor level, although I'd love it even more if it
      > could go one notch lower ;) But with this new and most irritating
      > situation,
      > I'd happily go back to 1.4 (where I never had this issue come up) and sit
      > there with the phones halfway off my head :)
      > 'zm
      > --
      > Parsons... Ian Parsons
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