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2171CW Skimmer thoughts

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  • Jerry
    Oct 11, 2010
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      I registered my CW Skimmer when version 1.0 first came out. It has been an essential app in my DX toolkit ever since. TU

      I know that at present Skimmer does not allow you to select which VFO you want to update. I got around this by making modified description files for my transceivers. This works great except there is no way to see at a glance what frequency your second VFO or sub receiver/transmitter is currently set to. If the dual VFO issue isn't to be addressed in the near future, I wonder if you might consider adding a color marker on the frequency bar indicating your last 'click' position? In my situation an added indicator would clearly show not only the main receiver frequency Skimmer is listening to but also the last VFO frequency entered..... Then I could see where my second receiver/transmitter is situated within the responding horde of CW signals! Just a suggestion.

      Jerry, KG6TT