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2167OmniRig updated INI file for Kenwood 440/450/690

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  • Michael G. Carper
    Oct 3, 2010
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      The questions I had earlier were related to work I was doing to enable
      remaining functions my the Kenwood TS-690 - as most of them were not
      supported by the Kenwood or existing TS-440 INI file. So if you have one of
      those rigs (maybe even the 9xx rigs, not sure), you're welcome to download


      You can test all these functions by downloading the Client from the DX Atlas

      There were only a few functions I couldn't figure out:

      . [pmRitOffset] RIT offset frequency; I couldn't figure out how to
      set the RIT offset. The Kenwood programming guide shows the format for
      this, but there's no reference to the command anywhere.

      . [pmVfoEqual] copy the frequency of the receive VFO to the transmit
      VFO; is there some way to read the contents of the receive VFO and write it
      to the transmit VFO?

      . [pmVfoSwap] swap frequencies of the receive and transmit VFO's; is
      there some way to read the contents of the VFOs and write them back to the
      opposite VFO?

      So if anyone has any thoughts about these, let me know. Maybe you beta
      testers have some secrets. It just seems like you should be able to read
      the contents of the VFO, save it as a value of some sort, and write it back
      to the opposite VFO.

      Mike, WA9PIE

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