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2164OmniRig is everywhere on my computer

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  • Michael G. Carper
    Oct 3, 2010
      Has this happened to anyone else?

      There are applications (not written by Alex) that use OmniRig. Some of
      those installs do THEIR OWN install of OmniRig.

      OmniRig gets launched (directly, or by another program) from whatever
      location the program that first launches finds it. All other programs
      launched later, realize that OmniRig is already running and will use it.

      The reason I'm asking.

      I'm trying to modify the INI for a radio. It seems that there are multiple
      locations where these rig INI files are. I keep posting them in places, but
      the Client app doesn't find the INI files I've created.

      Beyond that - I'm wondering if this has anything to do with why BandMaster
      works in Windows 7 for some. doesn't for others.

      .just wondering.

      Mike, WA9PIE

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