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2162BandMaster and Windows 7 (revisit

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  • Michael G. Carper
    Sep 24, 2010
      Like many of you, I've not been able to enjoy the investment I made in
      BandMaster since upgrading to Windows 7 64-bit.

      Many folks have offered advice about "run as administrator" or "disable
      virus protection during install". and so on. I've tried all those things
      with absolutely no success. When I launch BM, the program starts. minimizes
      to the system tray. and eventually disappears without ever presenting itself
      to the screen.


      Having spent almost 25 years in IT. and figuring I'm really a hack at-heart.
      I download "Process Monitor" from SysInternals.com (I've used their tools
      before to trouble-shoot other applications. Almost every event turns out to
      be related to an "Access Denied" error. I had largely ignored this because
      I believed that when you "run as administrator", you've elevated the rights
      of the program to enable it to do whatever it needs to do on the machine.
      Not so.

      The first screen-shot shows the "Access Denied" error when BandMaster -
      running as administrator - attempts to get read/write access to a specific
      registry key:

      Okay, so I figure I'll just modify the permissions on that registry key to
      enable access. The next screen-shot shows that I'm denied the ability to
      change the permissions on that key to "Full Control" - even running regedit
      as administrator:

      So, I'm now looking at options for hacking the next step.

      One thing I'm certain of - when I ran Process Monitor to capture the same
      errors on my WinXP laptop, there was no such error.

      .more later

      Mike, WA9PIE

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