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2138Re: [dxatlas] skimmer/k3 bandwidth

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  • Steve Ellington
    Sep 17, 2010
      Well it's an interesting answer however if 30 hours work would open up skimmer for 192khz bandwidth it would certainly not be a "marginal improvement" in my opinion. It would be a HUGE improvement and greatly increase the demand for the product.

      "This would take 30-50 hours of work and produce only a marginal
      improvement of the functionality"

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      I think the best answer is in Message # 1134 on this list from the author.



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      > Mike
      > It's true and such a shame but from what I've been told, there's nothing you can do about it. So far, no one has offered a technical reason for this limitation other than "it's the programmers choice".
      > Steve
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      > Subject: [dxatlas] skimmer/k3 bandwidth
      > Hi,
      > I've been using cw skimmer with my k3. As I understand it, no matter what the sound card's sampling rate, skimmer is only capable of analyzing a 24 KHz-wide band centered on the k3's currently tuned cw transmit frequency, i.e. 12 Khz below and 12 Khz above the current xmit frequency. Is this correct? Or is there some other way of setting things up that would allow cw skimmer to analyze the entire received bandwidth (e.g. 96 Khz at a 96 K sampling rate)?
      > Thanks and 73,
      > Mike - ke5akl
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