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2130CW Skimmer and DX4WIN telnet

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  • PT2CC Mac Hotmail
    Sep 12, 2010
      I was seen “Introduction to CW Skimmer, by Pete Smith N4ZR” and he explain
      how to set DX4Win to get

      On DX4Win – Preferences - Packet1 – Cluster interface set to:

      Type: Regular


      Message handshake: “Skimmer>Skimmer,localhost:7300”

      Baud Rate: 9600

      Flow Control: None

      Data/Parity: 8 bits/no parity

      On CW Skimmer Agregator only follow the installation instructions and do not
      forget to let the same Port 7300.

      I do not know yet how can I get – via WEB, not via local CD or DVD data -
      QRZ data on DX4Win, but I will ask about that on DX4Win reflector.

      Many thanks Pete and 73

      from PT2CC Mac

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      nome de Steve Ellington
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      Assunto: Re: [dxatlas] CW Skimmer

      Yes. You can setup your logging software's telnet to receive updates from
      cwskimmer. Use address 'localhost' port 7300.
      It will then show all your calls in your dxspot window. You can extract data
      from QRZ to populate the log. I use Logger32 for doing this and it works


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      Hi guys,
      There is a way to send Call Sign and Band/Frequency from CW Skimmer to the
      contact software catalogue like DX4Win or any other?
      If not, how can I register (automatic way) the QSOs, please? I will need to
      fill manually all data? Any ideas?

      Thanks from PT2CC Mac

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