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2122Ham Cap & Faros Set-Up Files

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  • ah6oy
    Sep 10, 2010
      Has anybody else recently have their anti virus software block installation of ham cap or faros? While installing on a new laptop the two programs installations were stopped due to activity like a worm virus. PDM.Worm.P2P.generic is what got the programs to not install. The download scan didn't set off a warning. Scanning after downloading was OK. Scanning after unzipping was also OK. It was just the install actiona that set the anti virus off.

      Uninstalling isn't an option since the programs don't show up for such actions. I am not certain if the registry had the program added and wonder if I delete folders then reinstall if it would mess things up more.

      If anyone would check and see if the current files for download were in fact infected it would be appreciated. Kaspersky is what caught the actions on windows 7.

      I am also not certain what other programs might give the same warning. I'm holding off on installing DX Atlas till I have a better understanding of what is going on.